How To Fix Outlook PST File Error 0x8004060c?


Sometimes you come across error 0x8004060C when using Microsoft Outlook. Usually, this error message appears when the size of the PST has reached almost the limited size. You may also encounter this error when you do not send or receive any email, as the PST no longer has space to save data in the item sent or in the inbox. When this error occurs, you can delete some unwanted or unwanted data from Outlook to free up memory space. If you are still having the problem, then you can compress the PST file or you can also create a new Outlook profile to archive emails in it.

But, some PST file is corrupted due to the excessive size due to which user may encounter Outlook error 0x8004060C. In such a situation, if you use the inbox repair tool to repair the PST file it will not work. Because the inbox tool is not able to repair the PST file that gets damaged due to the large size. But don’t be sad, you can still repair the PST file using the methods explained in the section below.

Error 0x8004060C can be caused due to these infections

  • Adware
  • Browser Hijacker
  • Ransomware
  • Trojan
  • Spyware

You are getting Problem like Error 0x8004060C as a result of pst file

If you are experiencing problems like Error 0x8004060C, then your pst is corrupted or damaged. You need to repair your corrupted/damaged pst to recover all of your email, attachments, content, magazines, notes, tasks and calendar from it. A problem like Error 0x8004060C can create your important emails to get corrupted or lost, so you need to be careful when using your email service. PST is a Microsoft Outlook email client database storage that is widely used worldwide. It is highly popular and sometimes generates errors like Error 0x8004060C which needs to be looked at carefully to avoid email corruption or damage.

Top reasons behind the occurrence of Outlook Error 0x8004060C

Here are the reasons behind the occurrence of Outlook error 0x8004060c:

Hardware Problems: There are times when your hardware does not store or transfer data from your PST file, this makes the PST file corrupt and loss of email. This will also result in the occurrence of Outlook error 0x8004060C. There are three types of hardware failures.

Data storage device failure: there are times when your hard drive has bad sectors and in case, the PST files are stored in those bad sectors, then you begin to receive the error as Error 0x8004060C. It will be almost impossible to read your e-mail pst data from defective sectors, hence resulting in a corrupted pst file.

Network device failure: In large companies, there are chances that the PST file resides on the network server, which is accessed using a client computer. There is a possibility that an error could arise in the network hardware, such as routers, hubs, cards or other errors that can cause your pst file to become damaged and corrupted. Most likely, you will have to have error like Error 0x8004060C

Unexpected power failure: While you are working on your email client and accessing your PST file and there is a sudden power failure, then that could make PST file to go corrupt.

Let’s discuss the software reasons for the Outlook error 0x8004060c.

Software Reasons:

There are software problems as well which results in PST damage. We will discuss in detail about the various software issues that can result in Outlook error 0x8004060C

File system recovery error:

There are times when your system files become corrupted and you try to recover them using data recovery software or some data recovery services. This type of data recovery software can cause your PST files to get corrupted or damaged. The reason behind corruption is:

The file system error also causes an error to PST files that are not recovered by data recovery software causing error like Error 0x8004060C AND corrupting your pst data.

They are software or data recovery service and have no experience in recovering lost pst files. Thus, as a result, they consciously or unconsciously aggravate the situation in relation to the pst files.

Therefore, if you have a data loss, then you should use pst recover software or service to avoid problems like Error 0x8004060C resulting in pst file corruption.

Virus Attack:

Viruses are able to corrupt your pst files or make them inaccessible. Downloading files from untrusted sources or using pen drives without verification can cause viruses to corrupt your pst and result in Error 0x8004060C Error with data loss.

Quitting Outlook unexpectedly:

It is always advisable to save your files and close outlook using the exit or close button. It is advised not to close Outlook abnormally or unexpectedly, as doing so will cause the pst files to become inaccessible or corrupt. This can also cause problems like Error 0x8004060C

2 GB of pst size error:

Initially, it was never thought that people will be using outlook as their primary email client and their database will be more than 2 GB. It was programmed to store 2GB of data initially, but as usage grew, data storage also grew and PST started to corrupt when the size was over 2GB.

But this can be resolved by some corrections and manual methods.

How to fix Outlook error 0x8004060c?

Vacant Deleted Items Folder

You need to understand that the overloaded Deleted items folders are occupying Outlook’s total file storage capacity, then you should clean it. You can either try automatic settings or do the process manually.

Automatic Settings:

  1. Go to the ‘File’ tab followed by selecting ‘Options’ and clicking ‘Advanced’.
  2. Go to the ‘Outlook Start & Exit’ section followed by ticking the box corresponding to ‘Empty Deleted Items Folders while exiting Outlook’.
  3. Finally, click ‘OK’ to save the changes that you made.

Manual Settings:

  1. Go to ‘Delete items folder’ and then, right-click on it.
  2. For vacating the folder, choose the option named ‘Empty Folder’.

Remove Duplicate Emails

When you send an email via Outlook, a copy of that email remains saved in the inbox and ‘Sent’ folder, which is doing nothing but adding to space. You need to remove the copied files either manually or by automatic settings:

Automatic Settings:

  1. Go to the ‘File’ tab and then, select ‘Options’ followed by the ‘Save message section’.
  2. Go to the ‘Send’ section followed by unchecking the option labeled as ‘Save a copy of forwarded message’.
  3. Click ‘Ok’ to save all the changes.

Manual Method:

  1. Go to the ‘Sent Items’ folder and sort it by the recipient.
  2. Click on the header to get the task done.

Restore individual emails

You can restore individual emails in a number of formats at varied locations along with saving the attachment to the same location for future use. In order to do so, you need to right-click on the email followed by clicking the ‘Save As’ option and then, selecting the required format for saving the file. Make sure to save the attachment in the same folder.

Creating Archive through Outlook:

  1. Go to the ‘File’ tab followed by selecting ‘Cleanup tools’.
  2. Click ‘Archive options’ followed by selecting the folder you wish to archive.
  3. Select ‘older than’ date option.
  4. Specify a location for the file by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button. You can also define the file name after specifying the location. Once that is done, click ‘OK’.

With that, you will be able to resolve Outlook error 0x8004060c. In case, the issue persists, then you can get in touch with Outlook support providers for a quick and reliable solution.


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