How To Fix ‘Outlook Stopped Working’ Issue?

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Are you not able to access Outlook because Outlook has stopped working? Is your Outlook crashing down frequently on Windows 7, 8 or the latest version, i.e., Windows 10? Well, it is one of the most common problems in Outlook, and if you are facing it, then follow the below-mentioned steps to fix it.

Outlook Not Working/Responding

  1. You need to run MS Outlook in safe mode without using any add-ins. To run the Outlook in safe mode, press ‘Windows + R’ at the same time and enter ‘Outlook/safe’. Hit ‘Enter’ and see if Outlook works smoothly or not. If it is, then your add-ins were the cause of the problem with Outlook. Check out the add-ins installed on your Outlook and selectively disable them to find the problematic add-in.
  2. Disable hardware graphics acceleration for Outlook, as that could be the problem creator. To disable tat, launch ‘Outlook program’ > File > Options > Mail > Compose messages > Editor Options button > Advanced.

  1. You will have to check the ‘Disable hardware graphics acceleration’  in the ‘Display’ section. Once found, click ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ followed by clicking ‘Exit’. Now, you should restart MS Outlook and see if the issue is fixed. If yes, then the issue was within your video driver. You need to update the driver to fix the problem. Hardware acceleration uses computer hardware to perform a given task and perform quicker than using normal software. But this creates problems for some individuals. You will have to turn it off in case; you get the message of ‘problem doesn’t respond’. If you opt to turn off ‘Hardware Acceleration’ for Outlook, then it will also be turned off for all MS Office programs.
  2. Now, your Outlook could be performing a number of other processes like archiving old emails, syncing emails and many more, so Outlook may respond a bit slow. Therefore, you need to allow Outlook to complete all those tasks.
  3. In case, there is a big Outlook data folder, then it may bring temporary freezes because Outlook takes time to open emails or data folder. These data files can be offline folder files (.OST) or personal folders (.PST).

Here is how the files will behave depending on the size of the .OST or .PST data file

Up to 5 GB: Optimum user experience on the majority of hardware.

5 to 10 GB: If you are using a fast hard drive along with huge RAM, then you will have a great user experience. In other cases, the experience pauses the app until the drives respond.

10 to 25 GB: As soon as the .ost file touches this size, you will experience the hard drives stopping frequently.

25 GB or more: If the .ost file crosses this mark, then the system begins to pause or freeze, especially when you download new email messages or syncing a number of RSS feeds.

Now, you will have to delete all your unwanted emails to reduce its size along with enabling the automatic archiving of all old Outlook emails.

  1. You can do one more thing, i.e., use the Inbox Repair Tool that Microsoft has provided as a solution because it can recover files and folders from corrupt personal folders or .pst files. You will also be able to recover folders and items from an offline folder or .ost files. Then, there is a tool named ‘OST Integrity Tool’, which helps fix corrupt .ost files. You can make use of ‘Inbox Repair Tool’ or ‘Scanpst.exe’ to repair and optimize all the Outlook data.
  2. You can also find certain command switches to restore, fix, reset many of the Outlook functions.
  3. You can also make use of the ‘MS Office Configuration Analyzer Tool’, as it offers a detailed report of your programs that are installed on MS Office along with highlighting known problems.
  4. In case, you encounter that MS Outlook has experienced an issue, then you will have to fix the error by clearing your MS Outlook profile.

If MS Outlook still not working, then you need to get in touch with the Outlook support facility because they will be able to assist you with this problem in the most appropriate way.


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